Fabrika Rauna
House Line "1+1"

The house line "1 + 1" is designed for people who find 80m2  house big enough for quality living. A house for a family, a house for parents, a house as an alternative to a apartment, a house for recreation on the nature. The first module is 40 m2, it is possible to add an extra loft over the kitchen area, for sleeping or storage. The second module - 40 m2 with bedrooms and (or) a storage room. We offer to add the second module at any time when such a necessity arises. Houses are manufactured and finished in our factory, then completely finished and equipped, delivered and installed at the customer site. Production time - 8 weeks. Installation - 2 days. Price starting from 1100 EUR / m2 for a fully finished and equipped house. 

Standard range of house models